Our Core Values

Over the years the House of Manna Faith Community has organically shared values that are core to our existence. Those core values include:


We value transformation; therefore we change our lives to follow the will of God, be in relationship with God, and live as one body of believers in Jesus Christ. We recognize faith as a catalyst for broad social change and encourage a commitment to discipleship that begins before entering the church doors, and moves progressively in God’s glory to transform our community, our city, and our world. (Romans 13:2)


We value love; therefore, we reflect the all‐encompassing love of Jesus Christ. Christ teaches love as a foundation of spiritual and communal transformation. We love God's everyday people, teaching and sharing in the Word of God, praise and Worship, and struggling for equality. (1 Timothy 1:5)


We value community; therefore we are an amalgamation of Christian families and individuals who reconcile in the community. We listen to the joys and concerns of God's everyday people, sharing the Gospel and fellowship with the young and the old. We work hard to live n relation with the Lord and each other, breaking bread in community meals, worshipping corporately, and organizing to ameliorate injustice. We live in collaboration sharing faith and resources as God has provided. (Acts 2:42‐47)